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Internet era

  • Author:RIC
  • Release on:2015-04-07
Indecisive, perhaps because my future work lately has been a problem has been hovering in my mind and said: "? The Internet era, really suits you."
I know, for those who are familiar with the "U disk life," promising young normal intelligence, in answer to this question is simple: their slogan. Ah, I agree. Forgot to say, if the 19th century empire who is part of the twentieth century, a large company, then the 21st century will undoubtedly belong to the individual. 

First of all, talk about personal employment with the company, it is easy relationship, the fact is: the traditional Japanese company representative system of lifetime employment is being dismantled. This is nothing to say, "the company's nature" like Kos article says: the value of the company lies in the time, controversy, confusion and "transaction costs" of existence and other errors are minimized. Binding nature of the company's resources to deal with market uncertainty temporary buildings. - Therefore, the traditional industrial age, the industrial structure is relatively cured, far below the current market uncertainty, especially those hidden giant companies and employees agree: a lifetime of work in exchange for a lifetime of loyalty. In those days, a stable career marriage, divorce, resignation shocked, but there are a lot of climbing, and so every employee in fixed tissue, until retirement, most people seem to work only in the imagination.
However, as Daniel Pink's "realm of freedom", said: "The production of the industrial age, the means of wealth creation tool is very large, so you need a large organization to raise funds to find a venue to coordinate everyone's work to create wealth, Today, the production is a Internet era laptop or tablet ...... a very interesting is that people live longer, but life is getting shorter organization. Most of us will be over survival of the organization of our work, and then continue working life increasingly rare. "