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LinkedIn do interviewer

  • Author:Ric
  • Release on:2015-04-06
Before LinkedIn doing technical work, but also spent a lot of time in recruiting, LinkedIn has become the first three interviewers, including the excavation of the candidates to participate in campus recruitment, drafting of the problems faced, in a telephone interview, live interviews, fill in the feedback, and eventually decide whether to grant a quote, a complete process and experience, I will give you the questions and answers to learn format. Here also recommend my new book
Cited GM has its own system and interview, HR staff to find a candidate with a comprehensive set of resume databases on LinkedIn, through the Graduate School's inaugural filters to tap the potential of employees. There are some high-level conferences, industry is willing to support and participate in, like the former SIGMOD VLDB conference database; also like to hold an open technical seminars, inviting the community to participate, leave contact information when registering. Or write some technical blog, open source products, through their indirect fun project to do to attract talent. Sometimes hackers organize marathon, make a small prototype within 24 hours, welcome to challenge all kinds of technical personnel. I also participated in the marathon programming LinkedIn, send each person a t-shirt, said to eat, code, no sleep. I remember the internal statistics show that 2/3 people recommend internally.